Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview

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There are many reasons for an interview with a celebrity becomes difficult:
 When a celebrity is stupid
When a celebrity is too smart
When a celebrity is insane
 When a celebrity is shy
 When a celebrity is not articulate
These are the ones that top some of those list.

10. Robin Williams

robin Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview
Williams is one of the funniest man in television and one of the nicest. He is classy and you can throw in all the nice superlatives out there and it will never be ill fitting.
What makes him difficult to interview is his unpredictability. He does crazy things that almost no interviewer can eveyr prepare for. Even Oprah, at one point, said that there is no preparing for a Robin Williams.

9. Linkin Park

linkin Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview
There is nothing scarier than interviewing people who are smart because… they can make you look stupid. Linkin Park is a band of people who think, reason and have conviction. They are popular because of their music and they work hard to keep it that way. They don’t make random remarks just for the tabloids. They (I’ve said this before) don’t go out with fame whores for the heck of it. In fact, I can’t think of any other band, in their caliber, who has kept this much privacy
Along with these is their strict set of rules when they do interviews. I was not aware of this and it was only when Mike Shinoda published an article written by a journalist about how “strict” LP is when it comes to interviews. Mike, apparently, wasn’t aware that they were perceived to be that way.

8. Michael Jackson

michael Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview
He doesn’t even use his real voice when he speaks to the public. We know him by his female-like soft voice but that could not be farther from the truth. His voice is very commanding and intimidating.
How can you interview someone and write something about him when you are not sure which part of this person is true? Hey, he remains to be a great artist.

7. Sarah Palin

sarah Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview
Palin is Linkin Park’s opposite. She is a stupid as LP is smart. Geezuz, if you can’t name the newspapers that you read or not even know that the Bush Document (not sure about the term) doesn’t exist, that interview will lead to nothing but a non-sensible exchange.

6. Tiger Woods

tiger Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview
It used to be a pleasure talking with Tiger because he is so private.
Apparently, he had reasons to be.
Now, how will you interview him? Where do you even begin?

5. Joaquin Phoenix

joaquin Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview
He is simply out of his mind. He answers without rhyme or reason and is actually becoming a rapper.
How do you interview insane people?

4. Marlon Brando

marlon Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview
If you can just watch his interview with Larry King, he explained why he doesn’t like interviews. In this one, however, he seemed more relax than usual.

3. Robert De Niro

robert Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview
Contrary to belief, he is not arrogant. He is shy. He is uncomfortable being in front of the camera if he is not acting. Which is kinda cute.
After all the greatness he has shown, he remains the awkward boy he was in his younger year before he was an actor. Humility at its finest.

1. Ted Turner

ted Top 10 Celebrities Difficult to Interview
He is arrogant, disrespectful and inconsiderate.
He grants interviews only to throw sarcastic remarks and insults at the interviewer? Why does he even grant an interview in the first place?

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