Crazy Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

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Patio design might depend on its location. It can be romantic-style inside a garden or minimalist-style on the lawn in front of the house. Patio can be decorative but if you intend to use it often then make sure it’s functional and comfortable. Beside the usual curved coffee table and couple of chairs you can design your patio to be an ultimate rest space.

Sofa and armchairs can add homey touch to your patio as well as make it more comfortable. It can locate under the tree in your garden or completed with an umbrella to hide from the sun. To separate your patio from the rest of the yard or garden usually bricks, wooden, or tile flooring is used. It makes the patio area distinctive and special.
Also if you like enjoying the evenings on patio consider the lighting. It can be candles or outside lanterns. If your patio is located far enough from your house consider making a pathway to it while the rest of your garden or yard might be planted with grass and beautiful flowers.

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