Collection of the Best Apps for London 2012 Olympics

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NBC Olympics
World’s greatest multi-sport event has been started in London. If you have not been able to buy a ticket for 2012 Olympic Games or busy enough to sit in front of your TV then don’t worry pick a phone or tablet and stay in touch with these great apps for iOS and Android. These useful apps will keep you up to date and let you enjoy all the action with a flick of the finger.
Below is a collection of high end apps for iOS and Android to enjoy 2012 summer Olympic Games. Either you are looking for the latest results, live updates, athlete profiles or medal tables you will find almost everything for everyone.  Check out!
NBC Olympics Live Extra                                                Download (free) for iOS | Android

NBC Olympics Live Extra
With this app for iOS and Android you will be able to watch live and replayed video streams of the entire Olympic program.
London 2012: Join In                                                   Download (free) for iOS | Android

London 2012- Join In
Join In is the official app for Olympic Games, it doesn’t matter you either have the ticket of the event or not this app provide all the fun.
IntoNow                                                                              Download (free) for iOS | Android

IntoNow is yet another useful app provides you schedule of upcoming Olympics broadcasts, athlete bios, medal counts and many more.
NBC Olympics                                                                 Download (free) for iOS | Android

NBC Olympics
NBC Olympics is probably the best app for American, to view video, photos, new and athletes from Team USA.
London 2012 Official Mobile Game                Download (free) for iOS | Android

London 2012 Official Mobile Game
This Official London 2012 game provide you all the fun of 9 Olympic events such as archery, triple jump, 100 m dash, 1 K kayaking, 110 m hurdles and many other.
BBC Olympics                                                                  Download (free) for iOS | Android

BBC Olympics
BBC Olympics provide you all the drama of 2012 summer Olympic Games with news updates, live commentaries and medal ceremonies.
London 2012: Results                                                Download (free) for iOS | Android

London 2012- Results
It is an official Results app of 2012 Olympic Games. Although it will not offer you live streaming video but let you to find result updates, athlete profiles and medal tables.
Reuters Olympics London 2012                           Download (free) for iOS

Reuters Olympics London 2012
Reuters Olympics is a great app if you looking for some high quality photos taken by Reuters photographers.

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