Creative Use of Typography in Advertising

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Advertising is an excellent source if you’re looking for typographic inspiration. In print advertisement the role of typography can’t be undermine. In order to set a mood and theme in an advertisement most of the designers use typography which let a single word or shorter phrase to become the focal point of the design.
Without doubt typography has a great importance in the eyes of designers, artists and enthusiasts which enables them to create absolutely stunning works of art. In this post we’ll feature fresh and most inspirational examples of print advertising using typography to communicate with potential customers. Enjoy!
You Gotta Love The Game
Greeting Cards
Huawei Ideos X1
Huawei Ideos X1

Best Over Ice
The Safest 3 Numbers Lock
Show Us What You are Made of
Adobo Magazine
Saving a National Treasure
Price Drop
Drink Responsibly
The Magnet
The New Robotic Mower LMow
No Bite No Info
Correct Fuzziness

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