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Hello lovelies!
Let me start by happily announcing that outside my window is a blanket of snow glistening in perfect starlight and a beautiful moon. It is a frosty -15 C (5F), serene, and breathtakingly beautiful!

Today we celebrated the 1st of Advent and the kids and I lit the first candle in the row of four that will take us up till Christmas Eve. As opposed to the traditional 'advent wreath' I lined my large (and very heavy!) Affari tub with blueberry twigs, white moss, silver acorns, and large candles. The cats went crazy over it and I had to dust the whole thing in white pepper to keep them off! :)

Private snap shot of my Advent candle arrangement.

Tomorrow I am decorating my windows with the first few Christmas bits & bobs. Nothing major, as really I prefer to wait another couple of weeks before I unleash my inner elf. Though holiday decorating is fun I must say that I prefer it not to be too over the top. I like a 'subtle but warm & inviting' dose of holiday cheer, and tend to go treasure hunting in the forest for things to use amongst my collection of old and new decor items. I find that it grounds me in the midst of all the craziness that also comes along with Christmas.

Whilst I work out just how that approach will manifest itself in our home this year, let's enjoy the below 'Christmas house tour' found via Swedish magazine 'Lantliv'. 
You may in fact recognize the home of designer and calligrapher Ylva Skarp, who renovated and moved into an old school from 1901 in her childhood town of Hjortnäs in the county of Dalarna.

Since leaving Stockholm for the quiet of Hjortnäs Ylva's business has boomed, and is quickly making a mark all over the world.

You may pick up some of her lovely merchandise & artworks at her home-based boutique or website. And my US friends will be thrilled to know that Ylva's works are exclusively represented by one of my favourite cyber stores Splendid Avenue. You will reach 'retail nirvana' over there!

"I seize the day over and over. I am still here and now."

With the lovely quote and artwork above, I love and leave you for today. To my Northern friends, do stay warm and snug. And to my Southern darlings, enjoy the Summery sun!

Warm hugs to all!

xx Charlotta

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