10 Safest places in the world

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Here`s the list of safest places/fortress in the world. If you are millionaire with billions of dollars asset, I think you could have access to rent some spaces in this area. Of course, you need to pay more money than what you pay to rent a safety box in a bank.
1. London Tower

London tower 10 10 Safest places in the world
London tower
Inside London Tower, lies England`s crown jewelry, Koh-i-noor, and ,a 109k diamonds, Star of Africa. London Tower is guard with armed forces, steel walls and thousand of CCTV camera. Any robber or burglar will think millions of time to breach the Security system
2. Sealand

sealand 09 10 Safest places in the world
As the name implies, Seland is a country with lands of sea. Although, the place is secluded in the middle of the ocean, this area is fully protected and it stands on its own international jurisdiction. The location itself is located 10km across Suffolk beach ,England. It rules by a king and this area also has its own Independence day.
3. Granite Bunker

granite bunker 8 10 Safest places in the world
Granite Bunker

Granite Bunker is an old bunker data that have been used since cold war. It is located in Salt Lake city and the bunker itself was built 200 meters inside a granite mountain.The front gate/door alone is featured with 12 tons of metal. It is so strong so that direct hit from a tank cannot penetrate it.
4.Norad Central.

Norad 10 Safest places in the world
Norad Central

Norad Central is controlled by United States Air force and it is still operate effectively till this date. Norad Central is a building that was constructed 600m under Cheyenne Mountain. It is framed with 1.319 steel and each steel weigh 450kg .The building covers 18.000 sq area, 14X180m rooms with 2x 25 tons doors, and 15 rooms with 3 levels high.
5. Bold Lane Parksafe

Bold lane 10 Safest places in the world
Bold lane Park Safe

Bold lane park safe ,Derby, Derbyshire, England, was designed to be the safest parking area in the world. The parking area is facilitated with motion sensors and 190 surveillance cameras. Once the sensor indicate suspicious activity, the security team will checked it immediately. In 2003, BBC focus had listed Bold lane as one of the most secure places in the world
6. Fort Knox

fort knox 10 Safest places in the world
fort knox

Fort Knox is one of the most secure gold reserve in US. The building is located in Kentucky and it still operates till this second. Inside the building, kept thousands of gold bars, confidential data of US governments, and include the original script of Magna Charta. The door is 20 tons solid steel and it is guarded by trained forces with heavy weapon, surveillance cameras, and other advance electronic security system
7. Area 51

area51 10 Safest places in the world
Area 51

Since at the front gate, Area 51 is an exclusive territory for most people in US and the rest of the world. In this area, US Air force designs, builds and tests their new weapons, missiles and defense systems. Area 51 is located in Nevada desert and beside their secret activities, this place was known for the UFO crash site.
8. Data Fortress –Alpen Swiss

Data fortress swiss 10 Safest places in the world
Data fortress swiss

Data Fortress is a secret bunker in Alpen mountain Swiss belong to Mount 10 company. The bunker become famous because many confidential documents, data and files are kept here. The bunker is monitored 24/7. It is facilitated with thousand CCTV cameras, motion sensors, armed forces and heavy metal gate.
9. Florence Prison

Florence Prison 10 Safest places in the world
Florence Prison

Different from other fortress, this fortress is a special fortress to keep criminals, murderers, drug dealers, robbers and rapers stay inside. The prison is located in Colorado, US. The prison has 1000 jail from steel, and it is featured with long distance active sensors. At the outside of the fence, the security forces prepare hundreds of tracking dogs to stop the bad guy from their flee
10. Air Force One

air force 1 10 Safest places in the world

Air Force One is an iconic plane and it is known for the advance technologies and defense systems. Boeing 747-200B Air Force One is featured with advance tracking system, Anti- nuclear shell, advanced telecommunication and satellite system, include Aerial refueling system and many other more. In a critical situation, this plane can fly in the air for a week

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