Jennifer Katharine Bill Gates 's Daughter – Microsoft's daughter

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In 1994, Microsoft magnate Bill Gates and his philanthropist wife Melinda French Gates from Dallas, Texas were married. Jennifer Katharine Gates, their eldest daughter, was born in Medina, Washington in 1996. Brother Rory John Gates was born in 1999, and sister Phoebe Adele Gates came along in 2002.
Several images on the Internet have been quite a stir lately, because photographs rumored to be those of Jennifer Gates are being questioned. Some seem to feel the high-profile images are not of 13-year-old Jennifer, but instead of actress Rachael Leigh Cook. Other sources speculate that it is actress Alyson Stoner.

This is from The Hopkinton News website. “July 30, 2006 — Katherine Gates was on the Common to help out with concert support, enjoy the music and add to her artist’s portfolio today.” The image in the report, clearly photographed by a paparazzo and not a posed picture, bears little resemblance to the images plastered all over the web. However, if it is supposed to be Jennifer Katharine Gates, the name is misspelled and simply refers to the girl in the photo as “Katherine Gates” with no citing of her famous parents, thus leaving even further mystery. Adding to the doubt is the fact that the online periodical reports local news and events in Hopkinton, MA.

Side By Side: In looking at comparison shots of Alyson Stoner and Rachael Leigh Cook, the resemblance is close. But further scrutiny rules out Stoner. At the same time, images provide a strong argument that the girl in the photo is actually Cook. Oddly, publicists are not being forthcoming with information leaving the rumors to grow and gossip columnists with plenty to write about.
Stoner and Cook: On the left, Alyson Stoner. On the right, Rachael Lee Cook. Cook is believed to be the real girl in the photos on the Internet purported to be those of Jennifer Katharine Gates.

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