6 Crazy Effects of Cocaine to the World

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6 Crazy Effects of Cocaine to the World - as we know together, Cocaine become a serious personal, regional and international problem this time.Some people do make money in this industry but it is unfortunate that they make money from the suffering of others. Here is 6 Crazy effects of cocaine. I hope this information could give you a strong reason to stay away from this drugs.
1.Pure cocaine was extracted very fist time from the leaves of coca plant in 1859. the pure cocaine then used as a strengthener for wine in France during 1863

-Cocaine was used in United states in the early of 1880s. it was utilized as anesthetic in eye, throat and nose operations. it was then used in the Army
ScreenShot004 6 Crazy Effects of Cocaine to the World cocain
2.at the early time of Coca cola, every bottle of coca cola was always served with 9 milligrams of cocaine and caffeine. it is why this soda was so popular that time. since 1903, cocaine have been removed from the ingredient list.today, the company only used the coca leaf as a flavor additive in the coke.
ScreenShot003 6 Crazy Effects of Cocaine to the World cocain kg of Cocaine is produced and consumed every year

-on a street,in US, one gram of pure cocaine is sold for $80 up to $100

- most cocaine that is sold illegally on a street is an additive cocaine. before sold, the cocaine was already mixed with lactose, cornstarch, talcum powder, lidocaine and sugar.
ScreenShot0011 6 Crazy Effects of Cocaine to the World
4.smoking crack becomes addictive because the first effect from a crack pipe is always the bang-up. user repeated his action in a attempt to regain the first bang.
5.500.000 people use cocaine every single week

-according to United nations world drug report cocaine user reach 20.000.000 users worldwide

-First rank Cocaine powder user is British

-US has the highest cocaine abuse rate continued with New Zealand, Mexico and Colombia

-the lowest rate cocaine user is in Asia

ScreenShot002 6 Crazy Effects of Cocaine to the World
6.Drug enforcement personnel reported that every day. it is estimated that 2.500 American try to use cocaine for the first time

-.approximately 36,800,000 American in the age 12 and above had tried to use cocaine at least one time in their life.

- One study found that Powder of Cocaine is “fairly easy” or “very easy” to find and obtain. the study also found that 1 out of 4 Americans between ages 26 up to 34 have used or abused cocaine at least one in their life time
-Base on 2008 Statistic, it is found that 500.000 male and 700.000 new female are started to use cocaine every year and Men tend to get affected by the cocaine faster then women.

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