How much do you a shopaholic?

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Shopogolizm, or, in other words, shopomaniya - human dependence irresistible desire to buy everything.This is a fairly new phenomenon that spread in the twentieth century, with the advent of supermarkets and sales.

Of course, before wealthy people bought a lot of them totally unnecessary things, but it was not exactly shopogolizm, as it was not inappropriate behavior: people had a surplus of money and time, so why not entertain yourself, if it makes anyone not be worse

Shopogolizm, or by another name, shopomaniya - is expressed in the human dependence on an irresistible desire to buy everything, but to put it briefly, it's like nothing else, "shopping disease". When you come into the store and just "do not stop" - buying up everything, and all your salary remains at the checkout.

There are a shopaholic who buy, if you think about the right things. For example, go for a pair of tights, and in addition bought five pairs of thin socks, a T-shirt with a picture of a rabbit and a further shower caps of different colors for the year ahead ...

There's also a shopaholic who buy everything. Well, for example, seven pairs of green gloves, a set of woolen yarn for knitting with the hope that maybe learn to knit or large vases for fresh flowers, but at home they have never grown ...

There are shopaholics - collectors who buy only certain things that exclusive handbags and gloves, underwear or just let crystal.

This disease can be called small weakness because not many of us can get past the beautiful windows that beckon and its design is almost impossible to resist when he saw a huge sign SALE ... DREAM! SALE!

It was only at the box office comes a greater awareness of the uselessness of half purchases, and even in this situation, the hand does not rise to throw out of his basket, the smallest scarf in yellow daisy.

I'm a shopaholic?

If you do not lose control, be able to keep within a certain amount, and the things that you buy, even for something you need, it's okay to love shopping there - it's not the worst way to relieve stress.

If control is lost, you are spending money intended for other purposes (and not just their own, but other people) suffer if you can not immediately get what the "eye fell" (often completely nonsensical thing), why stop to get satisfaction -or else that you liked before - there needs psychological help.

We can offer a very ingenious way to calculate the "norm" for shopaholics: "If the amount that you spend no unnecessary things, do not exceed the price of a month of visits to a shrink for stress - all right, you normally can" shopit "for fun, if not - it's time to a psychologist.

Symptoms shopolizm

- Recently, in your apartment, there are many things that quite simply can not be placed anywhere, and at the same time, characterized by decreased the amount in your wallet, but where did it go, you do not always know for sure. 
- Do you feel the happiest woman in the world when your gaze falls on the windows, covered with bright and shiny accessories. 
- Have you started to notice for themselves, that crossing the threshold of the store, you have lost fatigue, loneliness and go all the problems that have accumulated over the entire day. 
- Irresistible desire to do after a stressful period at least some purchase. 
- Do you have a day off, you have decided to take a walk in the park or go to the movies with her ​​friends, and once again find yourself in a shopping center where and spend the rest of your day. 
- And, of course, pay attention to your loved ones if they make fun of you and your husband says he feels at home in the gift shop, think, and maybe he's right.

How to deal with shopogolizm?

- First, you need to understand for your own sake, that you are a shopaholic, and that you just need to get rid of the disease. 
- Try leaving the house only to take money for travel, at least the first 2-3 weeks, it will help you to secure your budget and overcome the insatiable desire to buy. 
- If the store that you always visit, what you like or thing, do not buy it right away, ask to postpone, perhaps a few hours later, you will realize that she is perfect and you do not need. 
- Realize that the dream of coming to the store, you buy just a useless purchase, which is absolutely not bring you closer to the coveted happiness. 
- Before you go to the grocery store, make a list of needed products, and certainly before the exit, do not forget to eat dense as on an empty stomach you will buy a lot more food than you need. 
- And if you have not tried these clever tips and they brought no good, do not think that shopogolizm pass with time itself, seek help, consult a psychoanalyst!

Although, if your daily walk around the mall, do not cause you any trouble and did not get any diet your wallet, this is no big deal!

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