Dreaming in black & white..

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Hello lovelies!

Yesterday I read this post over at my close friend Monika's, and it reminded me of Danish artist Tenka Gamelgaard's black & white studio home.

I adore the fact that this studio allows for both musical and painted art! Black & white and monochromatic decorative & creative expression are deeply seated in the souls of Scandinavian people. No wonder I can picture myself happily painting away in this studio! (no pun intended)

Tekka writes a blog that to me is a celebration of black & white art, design and photography. It's well worth a visit for those who haven't yet discovered it!

* I'd love this one for my living room!*

Before I go I just want to mention my blog roll.. Some of you may have noticed that I removed the long list of fabulous blogs from my blog face. This is only a temporary void whilst I work out a more efficient way of listing all my favourite cyber destinations. They will all be back soon, I promise!

*And one of these too.. *


I will be back in a few days with the next detox series post. 

Until then I am sending you lots of 
sunny Spring-time hugs from Sweden!

xx Charlotta xx

All images via Tekka's blog.

View the original article here

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