Swedish Christmas inspiration..

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Hello hello! Today I am back with some Swedish Winter decor inspiration. During the dark months of the year local peeps tend to go out of their way to nurture their souls. It comes through in the food we eat, the way we dress and how we decorate the spaces we linger in. 

Potted mini pine trees make for such a cute display!

I think one of the most striking things with Swedish style is that there is always - ALWAYS! - an element of nature. Be that through the material of the item itself, of how it is teamed up. You see we just can't get enough of all the stunning treasures Mother Nature has to offer. In Winter you find us Northerners collect moss to top our flower pots with, pine cones to toss on a beautiful tray along with some good quality candles. Later the same pine cones will be sprayed and hung in the Christmas tree.

 Note the subtle moss topped silver bowls.

 Pine cuttings and cones make great present toppings!
Love the way the trimmed pine tree in the window!

You will see pelts or skins draped on the back of dining chairs (inside and outside too!), logs neatly stacked in a basket, twigs decorated with handmade ornaments, a decorative bowl of acorns or chestnuts on a sideboard, cuttings of pine nestled in with a linen serviette at the dinner table. I could go on. It's all so terribly Scandinavian ja for sure!

 Reindeer skins are ideal for outdoor use as they molt in warm temperatures!

 A fallen branch makes such a lovely and contemporary Christmas tree!

Simple, stunning and always so appreciated by arriving guests!

Another thing I notice is that not only do we tend to bring the 'outside in', we also bring 'the inside out'. Lovely set ups of lanterns adorn balconies, door steps and porches. Christmas decorations are hung in the apple trees in the garden. Beautiful bowls of Winter fruit casually left out for the birds to feast on. I love this tradition to bring the decor outside! It makes for such a welcoming approach don't you think!?! Private homes, corporations, shops, hospitals, everyone does it. Even at my children's school there are lanterns lit in the dark Wintery mornings. Such a lovely way to greet the students don't you think!?

To this point, many Swedish (Scandinavian) brands lend themselves towards this marriage of man-made and natural. And for someone like me - who can't pass a patch of blueberry bushes without picking a bunch - it is perfect

Bear hugs to all from the North!
xx Charlotta  

Images from Affari
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