Terrific trees..

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Hej hej y'all! Winter has really struck my little corner of Sweden and everything is wrapped in a thick blanket of snow and frost. It is cold, crisp, silent and absolutely stunning!  
Today it is 2 weeks till Christmas and time has come for me to start decorating the house. Finally! As such I have been pondering what tree I might have this year..
via FRYD for KK Norway

Despite appreciating a traditional large tree I am planning to go for a smaller size this Christmas. Also I want it to be a little imperfect, quirky and irregular..

images via Bo Bedre Denmark

I found so much inspiration around cyber and magazine land that I am thinking I might need more than just one..!

images via Desde my Ventana, Sköna Hem, Sjarmerende Jul, Lantliv, La Belle Vie, and The paper Mullberry.

What do you think darlings - aren't they all just lovely!?
Also, before I go.. I came across this Christmas DIY project over at the lovely Swedish blog 'Helt Enkelt'. There are always fun and crafty inspiration over at Anna-Malin's - like this one. So head on over, you will love it there!

Love 'n' Hugs to all.

x*x Charlotta x*x

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